Back when things were typed on a typewriter instead of written on a screen, the Nova Scotia Government at the time, produced a little recipe booklet.. filled with Honey Recipes.  It has no date, no author, just the title `Honey Recipes` It was published back when we had a Nova […]

Honey Buns

Yes. Chocolate Bread.. with a Cream Cheese Swirl in the middle.  Be careful.. people may argue over the last piece at your next family dinner or potluck. It also goes great toasted with some  Strawberry Chocolate Mint Jam  heaped on top. I found a recipe I liked in this great […]

Chocolate Bread with a Cream Cheese Swirl

One day when I was a little girl, playing dress-up in grandma’s room, I came across a little glass bottle labeled “Rosewater”.  My grandma had lots of interesting things.. jewellery of all shapes and colours, hats for all occasions, and a drawer full of furry things I’d rather not think […]