The Last Petal


The Last Flower

It’s always sad when we close for the season.. the flowers bowing their heads, with a couple shrivelled up petals holding on.   Every once in a while,  we find one or two late bloomers.. still hanging on.. looking brighter than ever.


We had a fabulous Season despite the lack of rain.  Thank you to everyone who stopped to visit our field of Sunflowers, we enjoyed our sharing our farm with you!! 

So many beautiful moments happened.. like when the butterfly landed on my youngest child, and stayed with her for the entire Butterfly Release (She named it Orange)..

or when a lovely guest gave her last sunflower away to a little girl admiring it (She didn’t have to.. but she did & it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve had the opportunity to witness)…

or the time a young gentleman surprised his girl in our field of Sunflowers with a ring and a very important question (He even sent a photographer to catch it all)..

that time a giant Honey Bee showed up in our field (Thanks for the visit Ontario Bee Rescue) 

or even that time a grandfather ‘tested’ three different kites before finding the right one for his granddaughter (she ended up coming down for her own). 

So many moments.. so many memories made.

We loved Every Moment.

What was your favorite moment in our field?



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 Now… to plan for next year… on to bigger, and better.. well.. hopefully taller and wetter…

We will also be working on the History of our farm over the Winter.. Are you a descendant of a Dakeyne Lad? We would love to hear from you.. we are currently compiling what we have.. and may have some photos, or information about your relatives stay at the farm.. or maybe you have something you can share

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