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In 1935 John Ingram Wilson bought the Dakeyne Farm, shipping barrels of Apples overseas during the war, and supplying the Falmouth Fruit and Vegetable Co.

The Dakeyne Farm is currently owned by Donald and Annie Wilson.

The Sunflower Maze is the field of dreams operated by Don’s son, Ken and his wife, Jen so they can continue on with the family tradition of being stewards of this land for generations to come.



Our Farm

Growing: Hay, Garlic, Pumpkins, Squash, a Sunflower Maze, Memories and much more.. See our Full Product List


Founded in 1913, the origin and purpose of this farm was to receive boys from England and train them in modern methods of farm work, with a view to becoming farmers in Canada. This program was known as the British Home Children.

This institution was located about three miles from the town of Windsor, on the outskirts of the Annapolis Valley, and embraced in all about five hundred and six acres of extremely fertile and productive land.

The main farm (there are three separate lots) slopes toward the bank of the Avon River. The Farm was equipped with good buildings, house, barn, piggery, work shop etc., well modelled and such as one would see on a first class farm.

Read some of our historic farm stories on our History page, and on our blog. We are also working on providing a resource page with photos and file archives from the farm’s rich history (still under development).

Our Sunflowers

Growing Nova Scotia’s first Sunflower Maze. Click here to read more about it.