Bees and Butterflies


Without the bees we would not have sunflowers to walk through.. nor would we have most of the food we eat.   Thank a Bee when you see it. One in three bites of food is only possible because of all their hard work… and really… sitting in a field of sunflowers with only the sound of bees hard at work is a pretty awe inspiring moment.

Bees on comb

Bees on comb

Our Bees do most of their work at the beginning of the maze when the pollen is fresh  so by the end, as the flowers start to turn into seeds the bees find other sources of pollen. If you are afraid of our little friends, come later in the season.  By the third week, most of the bees have moved on to the clover in the surrounding fields.

If ever a bee confuses you with a beautiful flower,  just whistle.. she will move along.. flowers don’t know how to whistle.


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Butterflies in a field of Sunflowers? It is fun and beautiful all rolled into one.  Want to release a Butterfly in a filed of Sunflowers? Join us August 26th at 2pm for our 4th Annual Butterfly Release.   Butterflies go on sale at 2pm on a first come first serve basis, as we only bring in a limited amount from Lucy’s Butterfly Farm.



The Butterfly is a flying Flower

The Flower a tethered Butterfly

~Ponce Denis Ecouchard Lebrun~


Butterfly landing

Butterfly landing