Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there bees at Dakeyne Farm?

A. Yes we have bees… but just bumblebees.. sadly the other native bees are missing.


Q. I want to visit the maze but am worried about bees. Will they bother me?

A. No, they are too busy collecting pollen, drinking nectar, and making honey.


Q. Won’t I get stung by a bee?

A. Not unless they feel threatened. While a sting might be painful for you, it is a death sentence for the bee… and they know it.


Q. What do I do if a bee is buzzing around me?

A. Stop… Realize it is mistaking you for a beautiful flower.. don’t wave at it.. that just confuses it even more.. Just whistle a Thank you & Let it go on its way… A whistle lets the bee know that while beautiful, you’re not a flower.


Q. I’m still nervous about the bees… what else can I do?

A. Without the bees we would not have sunflowers to walk through.. nor would we have most of the food we eat.   Thank a Bee when you see it.. One in three bites of food is only possible because of all their hardwork… and really.. sitting in a field of sunflowers with only the sound of bees hard at work is a pretty awe inspiring moment.

Our Bees do most of their work at the beginning of the maze,  so by the end, as the flowers start to turn into seeds the bees find other sources of pollen. If you are afraid of our little pets, come later in the season.  By the third week, most of the bees have moved on.

Still a little scared? You can borrow my beekeeping suit. Just ask at the shed.


Q. What can we do at a visit to your farm?

A. Depends on the season of your visit. If you time your visit to when our Sunflower Maze is in operation (usually August), then you have even more to look forward to. For visits in off-season times such as winter, please call ahead. Please remember we are still a working farm, but we are happy to show you around when we’re available. We welcome tours and visits.


Q. I had a wonderful jar of sunflower jelly from your farm. Can I buy it again online?

A. No, unfortunately we do not yet offer our products online. Send us an email and we’ll see what we can do!


Q. I’m interested in selling my own handmade/artisanal items at your sunflower maze. Can I become a vendor?

A. Yes, we welcome vendors to set up in our field of sunflowers. This can vary each year, but we generally charge a small fee for a table for a weekend. Call Jen at 902 790 6233 to make arrangements or inquiries.


Q. Can I get married in your field of sunflowers?

A. Yes! (Who wouldn’t want to?) In fact, we have a few happy folks who’ve done just that. The field is also available for other types of events as well, and we can even (with enough notification) rent you a “room” within the sunflowers.

The sunflowers are also amazing for other events like birthday parties, engagements, and professional or amateur photo shoots. Just let us know what you’re planning and we’ll try to oblige.


Q. Your photos are beautiful. Can I use them?

Check out some of our photos on our site, or facebook or flickr for even more. We don’t mind if you use our photos for your own personal purposes, but we would ask you to please not remove our watermarks, and to refer back to their original source.


Q. What type of cows do you raise?

A. We raise a special breed of cows, called Belted Galloways. They’re a heritage breed from southern Scotland. They’re sometimes called “belties” or “oreos” because of their distinctive white belt. You can read more about the breed itself on this wikipedia page.


Q. What else is there to do in your area (Windsor, Hantsport, Falmouth)?

A. There are all kinds of activities, suitable for families and individuals, in our area. Check our Links page for lots of tourism suggestions!