Spring Update

So much to do.. now that the snow has melted.. and the weather is warming..

 Ken, the girls and I have been busy… planning this coming years maze and garden, trimming 20 years off of old growth our homestead, loving the chickens, starting our seeds,  hugging the horses, tending the bees and mending fences… which is a whole lot more fun than hauling water, and shoveling tunnels through the snow to the barn.

Splitting a Black locust with wedges and a hammer.

We had our friend Rowan, from Wooden Hands, stop by and show us how to split a large black locust log with a wedge and sledge hammer… it was a 75ft tree hit by lightening during one of last summers storms, a beast of a tree.  And while we were skeptical.. it didn’t overload his truck when he hauled it home. Black locust logs are super heavy.. but it if you stick a log in the stove before you go to bed.. it will still be burning in the morning.  

I’ve also been spending a few days here and there helping Chris “the Blueberry Guy” from The Mount Denson Blueberry Farm prune his bushes so we can have more yummy berries at the Maze this summer… because one box of fresh high bush blueberries is never enough..


A lantern found buried in the ground.

And when we aren’t chopping, fixing or digging.. we are finding treasure… as the saying goes.. one mans garbage is another man’s treasure.. or woman’s in this case, as I find most of the ‘treasure’. We discovered an old dump.. and are in the process of cleaning it up.. (and it’s a process..) So if you like Antique old bottles and metal watchamacallits.. we have a lot.. and I am willing to part with most of them. 


We are never too busy, however, to take a break to go for our annual spring woods walk with the wee ones.  This year we found Faeries.  Real Faeries living deep in the woods.. beside a fallen tree.. down from the stream that runs under the road (watch out for the bump!!).  They are currently looking for a new home.. a new garden or potted plant to live in and help tend.

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*Ok.. So.. we didn’t ‘find’ them.. The girls made them and will be selling them this summer at the Hantsport Pop-up Farmer’s Market, the Sunflower Maze, out our farm door, or by custom order.

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