Mount Denson’s Newest Addition: Dragonfly Haven Therapeutic Farm

Did you know a little petting farm opened up just down the road and around the corner from us?

Mount Denson just got a bit more exciting!!

We decided to stop by today for a quick tour and some animal love.  Little pigs you can sit with.. tiny versions of our horses to brush and love.. goats, guinea pigs and so much more. The girls loved it.. and they got to hold a cute little bunny! 


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This farm is open to the public as a petting farm Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm.

$5.00 per person under 3 are FREE, or you can book a one-on-one 90 minute session for $25.00 with a social service worker on duty and the very cute miniature breed farm animals.

Visit their Facebook page here:

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