The Petals have Fallen.. 2

The petals have fallen.. and our season is over.. until next year. 

It was a beautiful Season… Our flowers have gone through their cycle, from seed to flower, and now back to seed.. giving us a brief moment of beauty, and ending with the gift of a brighter future ahead, with so many magical moments & wonderful memories made in the process!!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing the day with us!! It was wonderful to have met you all!! We can’t wait to see what next year brings us!! 

Photos from the Last of the Late Bloomer’s Weekend.. Where we spent our days in the field of sunflowers and our evenings at the Hants County Exhibition with our two little 4h Cloverbuds and their winning potatoes.

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We took a few days off since our closing on Sunday, September 17th to do a little housekeeping.. (ok.. a lot of cleaning.. it seems as though the magic house cleaning fairies took a vacation while the maze was going on.. we had some catching up to do 🙂 )

…So to continue with some Sunflower Maze/Farm Housekeeping Notes:

If you signed up for a Beef Share, Adopt a Beehive, or a Butterfly for next year’s release.. we will be getting back to you shortly (shortly after we finish harvesting our sunflowers and gardens.. and washing the floors)

We now have an Instagram Account (Yay! @DakeyneFarm) so tag us in all your pretty photos. We would love to see them!! 

If I missed your call, email, post or message.. we apologize.. it was a busier than expected season.. and at the very end.. the fuse blew in our office… the next day I dropped my phone and broke the screen.. making answering it.. touch and go.. or touch and no go.. depending on it’s mood.  We will be catching up with everyone.. as soon as we catch up with ourselves. 

Calendar Contest… Coming soon.. Get your photos ready!! And Professional Photogs… I saw a few of you.. and we will be posting about a contest just for you soon!


And Lastly, thanks to a few bad apples.. (we wouldn’t want them to spoil the whole bag.. so I’m taking them out and putting them on the table right now)

Crossing the Rope..

a few have.. and posted about it.. making us sad…  disappointed.. and a little uneasy. Here’s why it’s not “cool” or “Fun” for the people who own the maze.. or the hill across from it.. or really.. for any farmer with land anywhere..

1. It’s bow hunting season… being in a field in the county without permission during hunting season is not cool, nor fun.. it can be very dangerous.

2. It’s still Trespassing.. even if it’s a rope.. even if there is no rope.. walking on to a farmer’s property is still trespassing.  See #1. 

3. If you get hurt.. our insurance goes up. Our insurance goes up.. our admission prices will rise.

4. To prevent #3 and #2 we now have to invest in a security system.. which sucks.. because I was wishing for a bigger shed.

5. If you had called.. or knocked on the farmhouse below.. I would have been more than happy to let you in.. No need to break the law to get that photo you wanted.

6.  Our two little girls, and their parents worked really hard all summer to bring these flowers to you.. to take from us, a small farm family.. by “taking” your photos, instead of asking permission.. breaks their dear little hearts.. and ours.. when we have to explain to them why someone’s moral compass was broken enough for them to feel entitled to take without asking… to rip two little girls off from their hard work.. just so that person can get more ‘likes’ on Social Media.  

And so.. because of the recent Rope Crossing..

We are now opening a Moral Compass Repair Shop

If you know someone who needs their Moral Compass fixed.. or know someone who lost one at our maze while they were crossing the rope .. send them our way.. We would love to put them to work, helping them fix their compass, while harvesting our Sunflower Seed Crop.. and they can take as many photos as they want…


Again.. (because we can’t say ‘Thank you’ enough!!) 

Thank you so much for being a part of our 2017 Sunflower Maze Season!!

It was a joy sharing our field with you, and we hope to see you again next year!! 

Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! <- still not enough 🙂

PS. feel free to add in the comments your favorite memory, moment, or photo from this summer’s Sunflowers.. 



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2 thoughts on “The Petals have Fallen..

  • Cathy Amero Woiwod

    Hi Jen and everyone,
    I have enjoyed looking at all your sunflowers from Alberta. They are so joyful looking. Thanks for all that you do to make such a wonderful experience for everyone who comes your way.
    My Grandfather who I never met stayed at the Dakene farm as a youth in the early 1900’s. Virtually all my relatives still live there. I’ll get back one day. I hope to see your lovely sunflowers.
    Thanks again, CAAW

    • Jen Post author

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I will be working on the history of our farm soon.. we have some new stories to tell 🙂 When you do make it back this way.. we will give you the grand tour.. so you can walk on your grandfather’s footsteps.

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