Sunday Walk in the Woods

On Sunday, we packed a picnic and took our girls for an afternoon walk through the woods to the river and back.

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Some of my favorite memories as a child are of walking through the woods with my grandfather..

Raised in a concrete world where the only nature around is confined to small boxes of cement between the road and the sidewalk, my brother and I were very thankful for the rare moments we spent with our grandparents.. who happened to own a not so tiny bit of Nature. It made us appreciate that breath of fresh air, just that much more…

Our Grandfather would take us for walks through the forest, stopping to take the time to teach us about the creatures and plants on the way… How they lived,  what they survived on, and, most importantly, how we are all connected. “Man is Nature..” He would say, “The trees are our Lungs, the Water is our Blood, and the Soil is our Body so take care of Nature so it can take care of you.” So many lessons learned in those woods…  Lessons to pass on to our girls.

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