Vintage Recipes


A collection of old cookbooks

Last summer, while I was in the middle of the field of Sunflowers, Annie was busy cleaning out her recipe drawer. She surprised me with a large box of old cookbooks, recipes, and promotional recipe flyers.

A large box!!  Of recipes from the past!! It was the best gift, a vintage loving girl like me, could get.

We sorted through the box, got rid of the garbage, and made two piles.. One for keeps.. and one for sale (If you are interested.. I have a box at the maze to sift through)


Vintage Recipes

I love old recipes.. a time before automatic mixers, and instant boxes of ready to go ‘food’.  Just real ingredients, making real food, the old fashioned way. I can only imagine the arms on our great grandmothers beating everything so thoroughly.. No need to hit the Gym back then.. And that’s after she chopped some wood to heat the oven, so she could bake a cake.

Slowly, my collection of Old recipes is growing.. My mother was blessed enough to still have our great-great-grandmother’s cookbook (complete with a recipe for Monkey Brains, which my grandmother would threaten to cook for us if we didn’t eat what she made us). The best part about Antique Cookbooks, is the star you find next to an old favorite, or the notes made on the side.. Or even Grammie Wilson’s coveted Plum pudding recipe written on the inside cover of her go to cookbook. 


Vintage Honey Biscuit Recipe

My goal is to put as many of them as I can here. For everyone to discover, make and enjoy… lucky for us, we live in a time of electric ovens, and automatic mixers.  🙂

Do you have a Vintage Recipe? Something your great grandmother used to make? I would love to hear all about it.. The older, the better… before time takes them and they are lost forever.



Check out the Birthday Cake Recipe the girls and I made Ken for his Birthday from a recipe published in 1916.

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The writer of this Blog is Jen.. Other Half of Ken, Second Son of Annie & Donnie. I like to jam and bake, and thought this might be the appropriate place to share my recipes.. Some are treasured family favorites, while others are "I wonder if this will taste good" recipes. If your interested in a bottle of homemade goodness and don't have time to make it yourself, please feel free to message me: