About Jen

The writer of this Blog is Jen.. Other Half of Ken, Second Son of Annie & Donnie. I like to jam and bake, and thought this might be the appropriate place to share my recipes.. Some are treasured family favorites, while others are "I wonder if this will taste good" recipes. If your interested in a bottle of homemade goodness and don't have time to make it yourself, please feel free to message me:

We have been busy planting our gardens while our Sunflowers grow. We put in potatoes, pumpkins, squash, corn, and beans at the top of the maze.. and will be busy filling the bottom garden with herbs, edible flowers and salad fixings this week. Grow little gardens Grow!! On top of […]

Farm Update: Planting and Growing

Back when things were typed on a typewriter instead of written on a screen, the Nova Scotia Government at the time, produced a little recipe booklet.. filled with Honey Recipes.  It has no date, no author, just the title `Honey Recipes` It was published back when we had a Nova […]

Honey Buns

“Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life.. Love gives us a fairytale..” Happy Valentine’s Day!! We had a love surprise in the sunflowers this past summer, when a young gentleman planned a surprise vacation engagement for his now bride to be. Together with Barndoor Studio, […]

A Love Story at Dakeyne Farm